“The show itself is an action-packed roller coaster of old and new school street dance, classical and contemporary ballet, physical comedy, beat boxing, and even some singing! To call this a “dance show”, is to sell it short – this piece is a theatrical extravaganza!” – AUSSIETHEATRE


“Beats on Pointe is a colourful, energetic, fresh dance show that breaks down the constraints of dance styles and labels and instead celebrates all types of dance on the same stage, to the same music, for the same purpose… enjoyment. A perfect family show, Beats on Pointe is sure to be a hit with any age range and will have audiences grinning from ear to ear as they watch the magnificent tricks and stunning choreography.”



“There are some gasp-worthy moments from acrobatic turns to jetés and fouettés that wouldn’t look out of place in The Nutcracker, alongside tightly executed popping and awe-inspiring head spinning. We were up on our feet embracing an infectious party atmosphere, rallied by the cast to join them in rapping, clapping and boogying.” – BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE - *****


“If you want a fast-paced, fun-packed show laced with laugh-out-loud moments, innovative choreography and serious technical skill? It’s a must-see.” – EVERYTHING - THEATER


“Ballet tutus and street dance camo collide in this crowd-pleasing show from Australia. Creative, comical and colourful with a constant level of high energy - loved it and came out buzzing!” – TIMEOUT

“Beats on Pointe is guaranteed to appeal to audiences of all ages including fans of all forms of dance and those who are new to dance shows - it's all here! The show fairly bursts with light, talent and energy! Australia's top dancers expertly bring two distinctive dance genres to the stage: edgy, modern ballet and the athletic thrill of street dance while the soundtrack is second to none.” – BROADWAYWORLD - *****


“It’s evident why this show is hugely popular… The troupe make sure to include fan favourites like beat-boxing, a comical dance-off, elegant ballet pieces and breakdancing. Whether you’re a fan of classical or contemporary dance, you’ll find yourself feeling hyped up at one point or another throughout this exciting performance.” – THEUPCOMING

“Beats on Pointe gets top marks for being inclusive and welcoming of a wide range of viewers… there is singing, beatboxing, comedic performance sketches and even talking and involving the audience.” – SEEINGDANCE


“Elements of singing, beat-boxing and drumming all weaved their way into the production to not only highlight the dancers’ musical skills, but to also bring diversity to the term ‘beats’ in its title. Beats on Pointe cast is to be congratulated on producing a powerful show that demonstrates the true talent of the Australian dance industry.” – DANCEWRITER


“Beats on Pointe is a fast-paced good time that demonstrates the talent and athleticism that exists in Australia’s dance industry.” – DANCELIFE

“From moonwalking on pointe, to the comedy take on The Signets from Swan Lake; Beats On Pointe aims to entertain audiences of all ages”


“Aside from near impeccable technique, formation and stage presence, this production had a killer soundtrack, too.” - SMOOTH FM


“Beats On Pointe – one of the Top 3 shows to see in Australia in 2019” - HERALD SUN

“Complete with exhilarating dance routines, freestyle acts, singing, beatboxing, audience interaction, comedic moments throughout and an unbelievable soundtrack, this show will have you dancing in your seats – you do not want to miss this captivating feel-good show.” – PINEAPPLE.UK

“Masters Of Choreography are the internationally touring and thrillingly talented company, whose colourful fun filled shows blend dance, comedy and feel good music. World class dancers and choreography come together in a show that is non-stop, high impact entertainment for everyone!”  – OFFICIAL LONDON THEATRE


“With singing, beatboxing, humour and freestyle set to a range of music from across the eras, Beats on Pointe defies categorisation.” – STANDARD


“A breathtaking blend of grit and grace, laced with laughs, retro beats, and men in tutus… Beats on Pointe – a groundbreaking Australian dance show - ain’t your typical dance show.” – EVERYTHING THEATRE - ****


“This beautiful dance show was absolutely spectacular. Such a joy to watch!” – LAST MINUTE THEATRE - *****


“A jam-packed theatrical performance of dance, drawing from many genres. To see ballerinas moving as one with street dancers, mirroring the movements with classical poise, is eye opening.” – FAIRY POWERED PRODUCTIONS - *****


“Beats on Pointe offered up a crowd-pleasing medley of excitement and energy and I would defy anyone to leave the theatre without a smile and a spring in their step.” – IN COVENT GARDEN


“Cast members were all given their moment to shine, with incredible solo and duet pieces allowing the Aussies to show us how it’s done. Audiences were able to experience some jaw dropping moments, sleek dance moves and a culmination of hip hop and dance that was hard not to love.”



“Beats on Pointe really does make for an entertaining night of fun for all the family. The daring show has attitude, spunk, and is really quite impressive.” – SECRET LONDON


“You’ll see lit-up costumes, inventive use of props, flashes of humour, head spins, torches, moments of beauty where the limits of what the human body can do is on display, and a fantastic soundtrack.” – THEATRE BLOG 


“There are acrobatics aplenty, astonishing displays of flexibility and stamina, and we even get to see the Dance Team Captain perform a complex drum solo on some dustbins…” – THE CUSP


“If you’re after an extravagant evening of non-stop dance athletics performed by an attractive and vivacious group of dance athletes, and preferably to be enjoyed with a handful of friends then this show will tick all the boxes.” – BACHTRACK

LONDON THEATRE DIRECT - ***** (53 Reviews)





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